Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital

About Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital

The hospital was founded by Dr. Charles Campbell in 1948. At that time, there was a great amount of animal agriculture and pets located throughout Healdsburg. In 1969, Dr. David McCrystle joined the practice.

In the late 1980s, the hospital was remodeled to allow better care and service for the ever-increasing amount of dogs and cats in the community.  Two examination rooms, a surgery room, and office space was added to the front of the original 3 room building.

In 2005, the hospital was remodeled for the second time to provide more exam rooms and space to better treat the increasing number of patients and an area was created for more complex dental procedures, digital X-ray and ultrasounds.

Dr. Bove joined the practice part-time in 2012. Dr. Margaret Basurto joined the practice full-time in 2013.

The veterinarians who have worked for Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital have always been actively involved with the community and have a history of being active with other veterinarians in state and national veterinary organizations.